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Metroid Prime [eu] (GCN) - 100% WIP - MrSpeedrun

first of all i have to thank all guys on m2k2 for finding all those new speedtricks.
also thanks to Mpzoid Pirate109 for doing
the previous runs off this category.i also would like to thank MilesSMB for his 1:29 SS run on
youtube which helped me a lot in this run espacially with my route and a few more speedtricks.
if those would not exist, i'd never managed to get such a low time. this is actually the first
real speedrun i've EVER done (my previous best was like a barely sub 3 hours run)
so this speedrun did take a very long time. but i played this game a lot i optimized my skill
because i wanted to practice speedtricks like SJF ect.

well, after i watched the 1:30 of pirate109 i thought more and more that i could improve it.
but i never thought that it would be so hard to get sub 1:30.
the only reason why i took this category was the IBBF(im not even sure if it works in PAL :D)
and the bomb jump after flagraah.
i think i was totally wrong because doing this run was way harder than this tricks...

please forgive my english ,i hope its not too bad. ;)

Segment 1:
date finished: 11.4.2012
frames per second captured: 60Hz
play time: 2:21:94
commentary: this segment isn't that good, i lost about 1-2 seconds at the first two doors i thought
off resetting it but after like 200 tries i didn't really feel to do so...
there are a few more minor mistakes over the segment which doesnt cost too much time.
theres a absolutely terrible bomb jump in this segment near the end of it which annoyed me like
hell thats the main reason why i took this one.
i also used an easier strategy for it than the previous runners did - i unmorphed while climbing onto
that pipe that bomb jump is not the hard one but i messed it up about 50% of the time and i think
its not worth it to do this segment over and over and over again to save like a second i thought
its a better idea to improve this run on other segments (i timed it and the method i used is ~1.05 seconds
slower than the harder one).
i think if someone like miles or t3 would do this segment he may would get like 2:15-16 a TAS (which uses
the same strats and with loading time) maybe ~2:12.

Segment 2:
date finished: 26.4.2012
frames per second captured: 50Hz
play time: 3:01:79
total time played: 5:23:73
time from pirate109: 5:21:56 (2.27 im secs behind)
commentary: this one is a quite good segment. the Parasite Queen was perfect (9 missiles) for some reason, the PQ has more health on PAL than on NTSC which makes 8 missiles impossible, also a PAL 9 missile fight is way harder than NTSC 8 missile fight, cause it requires to shoot 7/9 missiles onto the mouth of PQ, on NTSC you only need to land 4 in its mouth.
and the escape time was 4:21:14 which is also very good for PAL.
i could get a better escape (maybe around 4:23) but it would take way too long.
the Pre - elevator part alone (which i reach in about 8 seconds in the escape) is very random i end up with
6:52:10's to 6:52:60's because my disc was a little bit scratched, and for some reason that affected the loading time of that door, which make me run into it like an idiot - so you see that the escape a quite random thing for me. (if you watch other PAL escape youll see the door open way quicker)
i tried to compense that by opening the map; which didnt work...
my record times in this escape are: 4:19:82 -> 4:20:48 -> 4:21:12.
and now im pretty satisfied with it because my previous records didn't got such good PQ fights
which i like to mess up.

Segment 3:
date finished: 28.4.2012
frames per second captured: 60Hz
play time: 0:30:75
play time: 0:28:94
total time played: 5:54:48
total time from pirate109: 5:50:50 (im 3.98 secs behind)
commentary: this segment is the shortest in the run. but it contains a absolutely terrible dash jump (its
much like the Grand Abyss without grapple beam in Prime 2- expect you don't have to reset after messing it up).
its called the "beetle dash" and probably the hardest dash i've ever done, it took me about 400 attempts
to get it in a segment (i think i got it about 5 times in practice or so) and you can clearly see the
pressure after getting it. there's an easier way for SJF in the PAL version but sadly that's way slower.
for the beetle dash you have to be lucky, (the beetles are running to you sometimes quite fast)
and you have to angle the dash back that's very hard because when you're too slow you'll hit the wall and
you have to get the maximum momentum of the dash to reach the other ledge.
i planned to turn around faster and i wanted add one L jump while getting over the ledge on the way to SJ boots
but i was way to scared about falling off so i'd just leave it out (a L-jump saves from 20-30 frames).
anyway there are also a few fast things about this segment; the door before the space jump boots opened very fast
because i moved pretty close to the wall and i've triggered the beetles quite fast so im not too sad about the
slow part afterwards.

well this are the first 3 parts which i already finished.
Im currently working on the rest of the parts (13 or 12)
and i think i'll saving way more time in them like in the first 3.
this run aims for the current world record which pirate109 (1:30) done
i hope to get lower than 1:27.

Producer Markus 'MrSpeedrun' Zakrzewski
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language German


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